2-Axis & 5-Axis Laser Cutting

Precision Laser Cutting

Precision laser cutting using industry leading Trumpf and Amada machines.

QFS Manufacturing. Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham. 16 May 2023.
Picture by Simon Hadley/ www.simonhadley.co.uk

2 x Trumpf 5030 5-Axis Laser

  • Working Environment 2540mm (X) x 1040mm (Y) x 470mm (Z)
  • Maximum Pressing – 4mm Aluminium, 6mm Mild Steel
  • High-Speed Cutting
  • Cutting Tolerance 0.2mm
  • Laser Etching

Amada Ventis 3015 Fibre Laser

Amada Ventis 3015 Fibre Laser
  • Working Environment 3000mm x 1550mm
  • High-Speed Cutting with Locus Beam Control.
  • Maximum Processing – 25mm Mild Steel, 20mm Stainless Steel, 18mm Aluminium, 10mm Brass, 8mm Copper.
  • Blank CAM Software
  • Laser Etching

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